In 2015, we decided to offer our high-quality and self-sacrificing service to the whole world on the way we started in order to carry the athletes in our country to professional levels on the international platform.

We have brought our product quality to the optimum level in line with our 8 years of experience and customer demands. The formulations we prepare with first quality pharma carriers and solvents in our private laboratories with the best raw material producers in the world will offer you the satisfaction you have never received from any brand before. WE GUARANTEE THAT!

In addition, we provide you with access to all pharmacy products with the pharmacy warehouses we work with (please contact us for special pharmacy drugs that are not on our sales list)

We have shipped hundreds of international orders (especially to US) for about 2 years in order to meet the intense demand from athletes abroad, for our brand which has proven its success in our country for years. You can see some of them by clicking HERE

For us, customer safety and satisfaction has always been at the forefront. We have decided to establish this platform where you can place your orders online, as a result of the fact that the packages prepared by our expert team especially in customs controls delivered to our customers within 1-4 days with a 100% successful delivery rate and their satisfaction with the product quality.

From the first moment you place your order, our expert team will be in contact with you about payment, shipping and all other special requests until you receive your product.

With the Whatsapp button and the CONTACT section, you can send your requests to us 7/24, you will be returned as soon as possible.

Our aim is to present the ANDROLABS brand to the service of the whole world with a principled and ethical business understanding.